Picture this. You’re thinking about getting a new truck. A couple searches on your computer or phone later, you have the information you need. Yet, everywhere you go online, you’re seeing offers, details, and more information on trucks. It’s on your news sites, it’s running as ads on mobile games, and it’s in your social media feeds. Now, you start thinking about your business and wondering how you can do that. We’re here to help.

286,942,362 Americans are online. That’s 88.5% of the total population.*

Konect-FunnelECM’s print and online publications have always kept you ahead of the game in reaching local audiences. We’ve just gone one step further.
Through KonectDirect, you can reach into the 88.5% of people online and target them in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Behavioral targeting
Demographic targeting
Affinity targeting

What’s more, we can reach your customers through any device be it mobile, tablet, or personal computer. To take it a step further, we offer you the ability to reach them through different vehicles.

Display advertising
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media

Packages starting at


per month

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* Figures from InternetLiveStats.com for 2016.